The three best places for rafting in Peru

If you are a lover of adrenaline and fun or an expert in adventure sports, then we recommend three key places to practice rafting or canoeing in Peru.  Here we go.

With so many rivers in Peru, at least some should provide us with a dose of adrenaline and fun for those of us looking for adventure and beautiful landscapes. And it is not for less, because the force of the water of our most extensive rivers makes possible the practice of rafting or canoeing, a sport that combines, perfectly, speed and entertainment.

So pay attention to these three key places in Peru, where you can find the happiness you are looking for according to the level of your expectations. Remember that in certain places there is a classification of river that goes from I to VI according to its difficulty. 

Extreme Tambopata

But of all, without a doubt, the most spectacular route is from Tambopata. And not because it is a journey of up to 11 days, but because it is an adventure deep into the Peruvian jungle, rafting. To give you an idea: you start in Putin Punku (900 m.a.s.l.), in Puno. You descend through tropical forests until you reach the Amazonian plain of Madre de Dios (200 m.a.s.l.), crossing the Bhuaja Sonene National Park and the Tambopata National Reserve.

Arriving here in Tampobata is a privilege. An opportunity that few mortals have because it is an unprecedented encounter with a restless fauna: tigrillos, pumas, monkeys, caimans or giant otters.  The nights in camping or the comfort of relaxing in a nearby lodge. The May biodiversity of the world in your eyes… what more could you ask for? Just one thing: try to coordinate, in advance, with your travel agency the permits of the headquarters of the corresponding protected natural areas.

The Urubamba River

The Urubamba River runs from the high Andean mountain ranges down through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, through Machupicchu and into the jungle. It has some exciting white waters depending on the section of the river being made and the time of year.

One of the most popular Rafting sections during the season is the Chuquicahuana “Chuqui” class IIl in the Upper Urubamba River. There are good class III rapids and the water is not contaminated.


Without going so far from Lima, a couple of hours, is the first redoubt for this adventure sport. And it is that few know that Cañete also exists landscapes, fun, adrenaline and, why not, a dose of good pisco. The perfect place to disappear from the culture ‘combi’ during a weekend.

By the way, the climate of this destination is sunny, happy, invigorating. An ideal trip for the whole family that has as its first stop the Puente Colgante route, the busiest for the people of Lima thanks to its proximity and easy access. In addition to enjoying the adrenaline of the rapids of the Cañete River, you will see a fruit and wine-growing landscape typical of Lunahuaná. These rapids are grade II (for beginners) and IV (for experts).

Paullo-Socsi, where children can enter to paritr of eight years. However, do not trust your short distance, it will be short but it is the most moved. You know, this paradise is here just.

Classification of rivers

  • Class I – Easy: Water in motion, with small waves, clear passages, almost unobstructed.
  • Class II – Novices: Fast with wide, clear channels that are evident without exploration. Waves, rocks and other obstacles are easily circumvented.
  • Class III – Intermediate: Fast with high, irregular and constant waves, capable of submerging an open canoe. Narrow passages that often require complex maneuverability in fast waters and good boat control.
  • Class IV – Advanced: Intense, powerful but predictable rapids that require precise boat handling in turbulent waters.
  • Class V – Experts: Long rapids, very violent, with great unevenness. They require a high level of training.
  • Class VI – Extreme: These rapids are unpredictable and very dangerous. For expert teams only.

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