Rafting is a sport that consists of descending the river beds using inflatable boats and safety equipment. Rafting is a sport that mixes adrenaline and safety and can be practiced by anyone. It can be practiced in family or group of friends, as friendship and companionship are the great weapons of this activity.

Recently has increased the number of rafting participants resulting in an increase in the number of companies specializing in organizing such activities in the rivers. Next, we will give you some recommendations and advice to start rafting with the aim of making your adventure as safe and satisfying as possible.

Recommendations to start rafting safely

Are you rafting for the first time? If so, it is important that you take into account a series of recommendations to start rafting safely. Here are some considerations:

1. It is recommended that the first experience in rafting is done through an agency that is dedicated to organize this type of activities. They will provide us with all the necessary material, thus avoiding having to buy it on our own with the high cost involved. If after trying rafting we have been delighted with the experience and we want to continue on our own, it would be time to buy the material in a specialized store.

2. Look for people who have the same desire as you, because in addition to needing a minimum of 5 people to practice rafting, you can divide the costs invested between all.

3. It is essential to know how to swim to practice rafting, so do not do this activity if you do not have basic notions of how to keep us afloat in the water. It is also recommended to take a first aid course.

4. Rafting requires a series of skills to drive the boat, such as communication with the rowing team, rescue and reading the environment, that is, the conditions in which the river is. These skills must be achieved with study and practice monitored by professional instructors.

5. Ask for help from someone experienced to make the purchase of your equipment. There are boats of different sizes and quality, and that also applies to the safety equipment and the paddle itself. In addition, you should not forget that a considerable amount of space is needed to store the equipment.

What is rafting?

6. Even if you have previously attended a rafting initiation course with your classmates, try to make your first adventures in places where other groups are also doing it. This will increase your sense of security significantly. In addition, all rafters tend to be very friendly and willing to make new friends.

7. Make your first adventures in calm rivers and raise the level gradually, without haste. Never go into a river for which you are not prepared. Rivers with a rating above 4 require a high level of experience. Rivers with a rating of 5 are only suitable for experienced professionals and those with a rating of 6 should be avoided altogether.

8. Whenever you go rafting, try to bring someone who can stay on land so that they can report their route, estimated time and approximate time of return.

9. Avoid rivers that do not have a regular rafting practice. If no one uses them for such an activity, there may be some special reason that carries certain dangers and risks to our safety.

10. Keep your equipment always updated and carry out the pertinent revisions to avoid surprises during the adventure.

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