Tips on how to make a good Peru Rafting

If you’re one of those people passionate about adrenaline and challenges. Without a doubt, Urubamba rafting must be one of the activities to do before you die.

Peru Rafting is an extreme water sport in which you go on a raft with a group of friends or family and together cross the river or rivers and the different sea routes that cross the valleys and mountains.

This water sport also has its fans within the Spanish territory. And in this section you will find some advice that these intrepid practitioners of this sport will give to those who are going to practice it for the first time. Get comfortable and let’s get started!

Safety for Peru Rafting

If you want to practice a bune rafting, it is not only enough to know how to swim but also to have all the necessary precautions to ride on a raft and navigate the river.

For people who are starting this world, it is advisable to hire a company that is responsible for this sport and the necessary induction for beginners. There you will be told which equipment to use, how to navigate, when to navigate a river and when not. Among other things.

The basic safety consists of: life jacket, helmet, paddle, belt, comfortable clothes and a lot of energy and passion.

Profesional Guide in Peru Rafting

As emphasized in the previous paragraph, when you are a beginner keep in mind that you must have a good guide to teach you everything in this world.

It is thus that the good guide must have knowledge of the place, knowledge of the equipment to employ, know how to communicate between people, knowledge of when a river is suitable for sailing or not. And above all the necessary knowledge and the transmission of the necessary security to the rest of the participants who are going to go. The guide who does not transmit any of these things is a terrible guide and therefore should be discarded immediately.

Remember that what is at stake is your physical and mental security regarding the practice of this sport, so if the guide gives you a very bad thorn, it is advisable to find another person in which to supplant the guide.

Also it is necessary to emphasize in the clothes of the guide. In general, the guides who practice a lot of rafting use comfortable and wet clothes and do not walk dressed as if it was for a party. This comfortable dress usually means: closed shoes or sandals, shorts, sleeveless shirt and safety when speaking.

Profesional Raft in Peru Rafting

This point is important because it will be your means of transport during the journey. The idal raft has to be in good condition, with their respective seating places comfortable and well formed so that people can comfortably enter the raft.

The raft must also have their respective harnesses, in order to hold the person with the rope and the raft so that the person does not fly away and separates from the rafting equipment.

The raft should also contain first aid items. This is in case there is a small accident during the crossing. Accidents always occur in any activity and even more in a high-risk sports activity such as rafting. That is why having a first aid kit always helps to be calm and to solve any cut or strong blow that affects one or several people.

Final Words

Remember that rafting is a very fun activity if done correctly and with the appropriate equipment. Even if it is considered a high-risk activity or sport, it is also a unique and incomparable experience that can result in a great experience if practiced correctly.

Remember that if you have chosen a place in the rural area near the river and you want to practice this sport with your friends or family, reread this post and enjoy the experience. See you next time.

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