Get ready for adventure Tours with these tips

Practicing adventure sports during a trip is a different experience for which you will need some preparation.

If you want to spend a different vacation, adventure sports is a good alternative. In our country there are different activities that you can try to experience the adrenaline and discover that you are much stronger than you imagine.

But before you venture out, it’s a good idea to consider a few tips that will help you enjoy the experience even more. Acclimatization, preparation and proper implements are important and vary according to the activity you are going to do.

1. To go trekking

– Take daily walks or swim to increase leg strength and expand your breathing capacity.

– Eat legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables that provide energy.

– Study the route and prepare an alternate contingency plan in case of emergency.

– If you are going to walk more than 3,000 meters above sea level, dedicate one day to acclimatization.

– It is key to bring nuts and plenty of water

2. For mountain biking

– Do cardiovascular and power work at least three times a week for two months.

– Buy a special bike for your sport, depending on your size and physical condition.

– Study the route to prepare the tires properly and have the necessary clothing.

– If the route is short, cross it a week before on foot. Make descents in the city with your bicycle to practice.

3. For climbing

– You should not have ailments in the joints of the knees, wrists, ankles or in the spine.

– The work concentrates 70% in the legs and 30% in the arms. Your weight should be in relation to your height.

– A month before, train in climbing places: learn how to position your hands. Gymnastics and pilates will help you to be more flexible.

– If you go to more than 3500 meters of altitude you must acclimatize with short walks.

4. Rafting

– Eat breakfasts that include fruits and carbohydrates for energy.

– Take walks or run frequently.

– Find out about the forms of communication to use in the water, what your safety equipment should consist of and what is the level of the river flow you will visit.

– Keep in mind that as a beginner, you must choose rivers where the water passes quickly but there are many obstacles to overcome.

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