How to do our Rafting in Urubamba safely

Urubamba Rafting is a sport that grows more and more popular every day, and the adrenaline in rafting is not something that can be easily found in any other sport.

This activity has had a great growth worldwide, and is that in this sport we find benefits both for those who practice it and for the environment itself. Firstly, we find ourselves in a sport that incites fear and emotion at the same time, where in turn we are in direct contact with nature. On the other hand, the places where rafting takes place are protected against deforestation, with a double advantage that besides being able to preserve the natural beauty of the environment, this also attracts more people in search of a little adventure in turbulent waters.

Safe Urubamba rafting

Although the low incidence of accidents in this activity is usually considered safe, we must bear in mind that rafting is an activity catalogued as an extreme sport, therefore, to enjoy a good ride through the violent waters of the rapids without any mishap occur, always when rafting we must comply with the basic safety rules for the activity.

One of the basic considerations when wanting to practice rafting, and that in fact is an implicit rule (of common sense) is not to try the activity for the first time without company or in a group without experience in this sport. Although the waters of the rapids do not usually have very little depth (in most of the route there is no danger of drowning), it should be borne in mind that there are a large number of dangers, such as holes, rocks and others that combined with the violent current can cause a serious accident.

As is to be supposed, to do rafting we must have a boat (individual or of group) and oars, but we must verify that our boat is designed for this activity, since not all type of aquatic rowing ship is suitable for rapids.

The hull and lifejacket are also indispensable in this sport. And finally, remember to follow the instructions and recommendations of the rafting guide.

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